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Enhancement of dielectric and electrical properties in BT/SiC/PVDF three-phase composite through microstructure tailoring Part A Applied science and manufacturing

Zhang, Zhenchong, Gu, Yizhuo, Wang, Shaokai, Li, Min, Bi, Jiayu, Zhang, Zuoguang
Composites 2015 v.74 pp. 88-95
barium titanate, composite materials, electrical conductivity, microstructure, silicon carbide, thermoplastics
A polymer composite with high dielectric permittivity was prepared by embedding silicon carbide (SiC) whisker with an average diameter of 500nm–1μm in poly(vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF). However, the high dielectric loss and electrical conductivity of the two-phase composite prohibits its potential applications. Barium titanate (BT) particles with average diameter of 100nm and 1μm were incorporated as a third phase to fabricate a three-phase composite. The morphology structure, dielectric and electrical properties before and after the addition of BT particles were investigated. The three-phase composite exhibits largely suppressed dielectric loss and electrical conductivity without sacrificing the high dielectric permittivity, which was extremely hard to be realized for two-phase composite. It is also found that the nano-size BT is more favorable in achieving high dielectric permittivity than the micro-size BT, where their dielectric loss and electrical conductivity are similar. Furthermore, electric modulus analysis confirms the largely suppressed electron conduction process which results in the enhanced dielectric and electrical properties in three-phase composite.