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Evaluation of the performance of three hand-held near-infrared spectrometer through investigation of total antioxidant capacity in gluten-free grains

Wiedemair, Verena, Huck, Christian W.
Talanta 2018 v.189 pp. 233-240
antioxidant activity, computer software, gluten-free foods, grains, information processing, models, pharmaceutical industry, spectrometers
The performance of three portable NIR spectrometers was compared by analysing the total antioxidant capacity (TAC) of different species of gluten-free grains. TAC is often used to evaluate the quality of foods and was determined using Folin-Ciocalteu measurements and used as reference data for establishing PLS-R models with NIR data. NIRS enables fast and non-invasive measurements.The microPhazir RX and the MicroNIR 2200 are broadly used in chemical and pharmaceutical industries, whereas SCiO is a pocket-sized, consumer-oriented spectrometer. The devices work in different regions of the NIR spectrum and their performances was compared using statistical parameters.77 samples were measured and analysed using the software The Unscrambler X, as well as SCiO-Lab. All models established were cross- and test set validated. The multivariate data processing using The Unscrambler X yielded similar results as SCiO-Lab. The best model was established for non-milled samples measured with the MicroNIR 2200 and analysed using The Unscrambler X.