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Assembly of Pickering emulsions using milled starch particles with different amylose/amylopectin ratios

Lu, Xuanxuan, Wang, Yin, Li, Yunqi, Huang, Qingrong
Food hydrocolloids 2018 v.84 pp. 47-57
amylopectin, amylose, corn starch, crystal structure, emulsions, gelatinization, hydrocolloids, milling, particle size, rheological properties, waxy corn
Three maize starches (normal maize starch, high-amylose maize starch and waxy maize starch) with different amylose/amylopectin ratios were modified through a media milling process to form nano/submicrometer milled starch particles. The physiochemical properties of these starch particles during milling process, including particle size, morphology, crystallinity and gelatinization properties were studied. The effects of starch chemical structure and milling time on the properties of milled starch particles-stabilized Pickering emulsions were also investigated. Pickering emulsions stabilized by milled starch particles with different amylose/amylopectin ratios exhibited significant difference in terms of stabilization capability and rheological properties. Milled high-amylose maize starch particles have the best stabilization ability, followed by milled normal maize starch particles. Furthermore, the stabilization capacity of the milled starch particles improves with the increase of milling time. This research suggests that stable food-grade Pickering emulsions can be formulated by choosing maize starch of proper amylose/amylopectin ratios.