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An efficient Photobioreactors/Raceway circulating system combined with alkaline-CO2 capturing medium for microalgal cultivation

Kuo, Chiu-Mei, Jian, Jhong-Fu, Sun, Yu-Ling, Lin, Tsung-Hsien, Yang, Yi-Chun, Zhang, Wen-Xin, Chang, Hui-Fang, Lai, Jinn-Tsyy, Chang, Jo-Shu, Lin, Chih-Sheng
Bioresource technology 2018 v.266 pp. 398-406
Chlorella, biomass production, carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide fixation, growth performance, microalgae, pH, photobioreactors
High efficiency of microalgal growth and CO2 fixation in a Photobioreactors (PBRs)/Raceway circulating (PsRC) system combined with alkaline-CO2 capturing medium and operation was established and investigated. Compared with a pH 6 medium, the average biomass productivity of Chlorella sp. AT1 cultured in a pH 11 medium at 2 L min−1 circulation rate for 7 days increased by about 2-fold to 0.346 g L−1 d−1. The maximum amount of CO2 fixation and CO2 utilization efficiency of Chlorella sp. AT1 could be obtained at a PBRs to Raceway ratio of 1:10 in an indoor-simulated PsRC system. A similar result was also shown in an outdoor PsRC system with a 10-ton scale for microalgal cultivation. Under the appropriate circulation rate, the stable growth performance of Chlorella sp. AT1 cultured by long-term semi-continuous operation in the 10-ton outdoor PsRC system was observed, and the total amount of CO2 fixation was approximately 1.2 kg d−1 with 50% CO2 utilization efficiency.