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An integrated assessment of urban flooding mitigation strategies for robust decision making

Xie, Jiaqiang, Chen, Hao, Liao, Zhenliang, Gu, Xianyong, Zhu, Dajian, Zhang, Jin
Environmental modelling & software 2017 v.95 pp. 143-155
computer software, concrete, decision making, drainage, environmental models, geographic information systems, green roofs, life cycle costing, rain, rainfall duration, remote sensing, risk, storms, China
In order to mitigate urban flooding, an integrated assessment has been proposed to identify the optimum drainage solution which implements the potential green infrastructure with the existing conventional gray infrastructure. The integrated evaluation framework which consists the data of remote sensing and geographic information system, and the assessments of 2D hydrologic simulation and life cycle cost has been applied into a developed area in Shanghai under nine design storms with different return periods and durations. The results showed that increasing the pipe diameter at this area could alleviate the node flooding and pipe hydraulic load under a short return period and rainfall duration. However, according to the integrated evaluation, the potential flooding risk under a longer rainfall duration could be well controlled by implementing a combination of low impact development practices of Rain Barrel (RB) + Pervious Concrete (PC) + Green Roof (GR).