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Climate-Agriculture-Modeling and Decision Tool (CAMDT): A software framework for climate risk management in agriculture

Han, Eunjin, Ines, Amor V.M., Baethgen, Walter E.
Environmental modelling & software 2017 v.95 pp. 102-114
climatic factors, computer software, crop models, crop production, decision making, decision support systems, environmental models, growing season, insurance, rain, risk management, water management, weather forecasting
Seasonal climate forecasts (SCFs) have received a lot of attention for climate risk management in agriculture. The question is, how can we use SCFs for informing decisions in agriculture? SCFs are provided in formats not so conducive for decision-making. The commonly issued tercile probabilities of most likely rainfall categories i.e., below normal (BN), near normal (NN) and above normal (AN), are not easy to translate into metrics useful for decision support. Linking SCF with crop models is one way that can produce useful information for supporting strategic and tactical decisions in crop production e.g., crop choices, management practices, insurance, etc. Here, we developed a decision support system (DSS) tool, Climate-Agriculture-Modeling and Decision Tool (CAMDT), that aims to facilitate translations of probabilistic SCFs to crop responses that can help decision makers adjust crop and water management practices that may improve outcomes given the expected climatic condition of the growing season.