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USDA-ARS Riesel Watersheds, Riesel, Texas, USA: Water quality research database

R. Daren Harmel, Richard L. Haney, Douglas R. Smith, Michael White, Kevin W. King
Water Resources Research 2014 v.50 no.10 pp. 8374-8382
Agricultural Research Service, base flow, data collection, databases, land management, meteorological data, nitrogen, phosphorus, runoff, sediments, seepage, water quality, water resources, watershed hydrology, watersheds, Texas
"The 75 year legacy database including discharge, sediment loss, land management, and mete- orological data for the USDA-ARS Riesel Watersheds, Riesel, TX, USA has been available on the web for more than a decade (www.ars.usda.gov/spa/hydro-data) and used in numerous studies and publications; however, only recently have these data been added to the Sustaining the Earth’s Watersheds, Agricultural Research Data System (STEWARDS) database (www.nrrig.mwa.ars.usda.gov/stewards/stewards.html). In addition, water quality data including dissolved inorganic N and P compounds measured from more than 1000 storm runoff events, 1300 base flow sampling events (lateral subsurface return flow or seepage flow), and 157 precipitation events through 2012 were added. The objectives of this manuscript are to present relevant background information on these data, summarize the data collection and analysis methodology, present the measured data along with cursory analyses, and convey the commitment of the USDA-ARS Riesel Watersheds to long-term data accessibility and database enhancement for water quality data and research."