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A flexible nanofiber-based membrane with superhydrophobic pinning properties

Hu, Luyang, Zhang, Shanmei, Zhang, Yumin, Li, Benxia
Journal of colloid and interface science 2016 v.472 pp. 167-172
droplets, energy, hot water treatment, hydrophilicity, hydrophobicity, microstructure, nanofibers, nanotubes, titanium dioxide
A nanofiber-based TiO2(B)/carbon nanofiber membrane has been synthesized by a facile and effective route that incorporates electrospinning approach with hydrothermal method. The prepared membrane shows high flexibility and hydrophilicity. After treatment with a low surface energy fluorosilane, the obtained superhydrophobic surface endows the membrane a high adhesive force due to the hybrid microstructure of TiO2(B) nanotubes and nanoplates on fibers. A water droplet on the surface of the membrane appears spherical in shape, which cannot roll off even when the membrane is bent and turned upside down. When a water droplet dropped from a certain height above the tilt membrane, the rolled water droplet can be stopped after a small displacement. In addition, a 12μl water droplet can be quickly captured from a hydrophobic surface by curvature change of the superhydrophobic TiO2(B)/carbon nanofiber membrane. The membrane with excellent static and dynamic pinning performance to water may be expected to apply to biomedical and microfluidic devices.