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Sexual transmission of Trypanosoma cruzi in murine model

Marcelle Ribeiro, Nadjar Nitz, Camilla Santana, Aline Moraes, Luciana Hagström, Rafael Andrade, Adriano Rios, Alessandro Sousa, Bruno Dallago, Rodrigo Gurgel-Gonçalves, Mariana Hecht
Experimental parasitology 2016 v.162 pp. 1-6
Chagas disease, Triatominae, Trypanosoma cruzi, animal models, blood, blood transfusion, females, males, mice, parasites, tissues
Trypanosoma cruzi is mainly transmitted by blood-sucking triatomines, but other routes also have epidemiological importance, such as blood transfusion and congenital transmission. Although the possibility of sexual transmission of T. cruzi has been suggested since its discovery, few studies have been published on this subject. We investigated acquisition of T. cruzi by sexual intercourse in an experimental murine model. Male and female mice in the chronic phase of Chagas disease were mated with naive partners. Parasitological, serological and molecular tests demonstrated the parasites in tissues and blood of partners. These results confirm the sexual transmission of T. cruzi in mice.