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Association of T/A polymorphism in miR-1302 binding site in CGA gene with male infertility in Isfahan population

Jamalvandi, Mina, Motovali-bashi, Majid, Amirmahani, Farzane, Darvishi, Parisa, Jamshidi Goharrizi, Kiarash
Molecular biology reports 2018 v.45 no.4 pp. 413-417
binding sites, case-control studies, gene expression, gene frequency, genes, heterozygosity, male fertility, males, men, Iran
Infertility occurs in 10–15% of couples worldwide and close to half of it is caused by male factors. One of the genes that can affect male infertility is CGA. Polymorphisms in CGA gene may affect gene expression, therefore affecting male infertility by disrupting the regulation of this gene. One of the polymorphisms is the substitution of T with A in the miR-1302 binding site in the 3′ untranslated region of the CGA gene. In this study, we explored this polymorphism in Isfahan population. In this case-control study, by the use of Tetra primer-ARMS–PCR technique, rs6631 has been investigated in 224 infertile men and 196 controls. Infertile men were recruited from Isfahan Fertility and Infertility Center. Analysis of genotype and allele frequencies indicated that the differences between case and control populations were significant for rs6631 because P = 0.00 which is above the threshold. We found a significant relationship between this polymorphism and male infertility. This study which performed for the first time in Iran suggests that polymorphism in CGA gene can affect male infertility. Also, this polymorphism has high heterozygosity, so it can be used for further studies in different populations.