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Distinguishing Interface Magnetoresistance and Bulk Magnetoresistance through Rectification of Schottky Heterojunctions

Huang, Qikun, Wang, Jing, Lu, Shiyang, Chen, Yanxue, Bai, Lihui, Dai, Youyong, Tian, Yufeng, Yan, Shishen
ACS applied materials & interfaces 2018 v.10 no.29 pp. 24905-24909
anisotropy, cobalt, hysteresis, magnetism, materials science
High performance of many spintronic devices strongly depends on the spin-polarized electrical transport, especially the magnetoresistance (MR) in magnetic heterojunctions. However, it has been a great challenge to distinguish the bulk MR and interface MR by transport measurements because the bulk resistance and interface resistance formed a series circuit in magnetic heterojunctions. Here, a unique interface-sensitive rectification MR method is proposed to distinguish the interface MR and bulk MR of nonmagnetic In/GeOₓ/n-Ge and magnetic Co/GeOₓ/n-Ge diode-like heterojunctions. It is demonstrated that the low-field “butterfly” hysteresis loop observed only in the conventional MR curve originates from the anisotropic MR of ferromagnetic bulk Co layer, whereas the orbit-related large nonsaturating positive MR contains contributions from both the Schottky interface and bulk Ge substrate. This rectification MR method could be extended to magnetic heterojunctions with asymmetric potential barriers to realize a deeper understanding of the fundamental interface-related functionalities.