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High-Performance Cable-Type Flexible Rechargeable Zn Battery Based on MnO2@CNT Fiber Microelectrode

Wang, Kai, Zhang, Xiaohua, Han, Jianwei, Zhang, Xiong, Sun, Xianzhong, Li, Chen, Liu, Wenhao, Li, Qingwen, Ma, Yanwei
ACS applied materials & interfaces 2018 v.10 no.29 pp. 24573-24582
anions, anodes, batteries, cathodes, electrochemistry, electronics, gels, manganese dioxide, nanotubes, polymers, specific energy, zinc, zinc sulfate
Nowadays, linear-shaped batteries have received increasing attentions because the unique one-dimensional architecture offers an omni-directional flexibility. We developed a cable-type flexible rechargeable Zn microbattery based on a microscale MnO₂@carbon nanotube fiberlike composite cathode and Zn wire anode. The Zn–MnO₂ cable microbattery exhibits a large specific capacity, good rate performance, and cyclic stability. The capacity of Zn–MnO₂ cable batteries are 322 and 290 mAh/g based on MnO₂ with aqueous and gel polymer electrolyte, corresponding to the specific energy of 437 and 360 Wh/kg, respectively. Besides, the Zn–MnO₂ cable battery shows excellent flexibility, which can be folded into arbitrary shapes without sacrificing electrochemical performance. Furthermore, we studied electrochemical properties of Zn–MnO₂ cable microbatteries with different Zn salt electrolytes, such as Zn salt with small anions (ZnSO₄ or ZnCl₂, etc.) and Zn salt with bulky anions (Zn(CF₃SO₃)₂, etc.). With the merits of impressive electrochemical performance and flexibility, this first flexible rechargeable Zn–MnO₂ cable-like battery presents a new approach to develop high-performance power sources for portable and wearable electronics.