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Is the availability of healthy foods related to fruit and vegetable consumption in a rural, health-disparate region?

Waters, Clarice N., Zoellner, Jamie M., Estabrooks, Paul A., Hill, Jennie L.
Journal of hunger & environmental nutrition 2018 v.13 no.3 pp. 289-303
fruits, healthy diet, models, surveys, telephones, vegetable consumption, vegetables
Guided by community-created causal models, this study objectively assessed the food environment to describe the availability of healthy food options and to examine the relationship between the availability of healthy food and individual fruit and vegetable (FV) consumption. Eight hundred thirteen residents completed the telephone survey of FV intake. Availability of healthy food in all public food outlets was assessed by the Nutrition Environment Measures Survey. Less than 10% of the sample met FV recommendations and overall availability was low (M = 6.2 ± 6.0, range = 0–30). Future efforts should address both environmental availability of healthy food and individual factors to increase FV consumption.