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Mobility Management campaigns as part of the transition towards changing social norms on sustainable travel behavior

Hiselius, Lena Winslott, Rosqvist, Lena Smidfelt
Journal of cleaner production 2016 v.123 pp. 34-41
attitudes and opinions, climate, issues and policy, lifestyle, motivation, social behavior, society, travel, Sweden
In the transition towards a low-carbon society, changes of attitudes and social norms are needed to support new ways of implementing technical solutions and new behaviors and lifestyles. Mobility Management (MM) campaigns have been shown to contribute to changing of mind sets, but to date these campaigns have not been recognized as important parts of a strategic transport policy plan on an overall level. A brief overview of the literature concerning MM campaigns being carried out in Sweden today indicates that the full potential of these campaigns is not being used. To make these campaigns more effective, we suggest that the campaigns should focus on social motivation and normalizing sustainable transport behavior and should explicitly express holistic views regarding climate effects. Most importantly, however, we argue that the effectiveness could be increased through more strategic and systematic use, which might require national coordination.