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Effect of hydration and silicone resin on Basic Oxygen Furnace slag and its asphalt mixture

Chen, Zongwu, Wu, Shaopeng, Xiao, Yue, Zeng, Wenbo, Yi, Mingwei, Wan, Jiuming
Journal of cleaner production 2016 v.112 pp. 392-400
absorption, bitumen, furnaces, oxygen, silicone, slags, thermal properties
The primary purpose of this research was to evaluate the effect of hydration and silicone resin on material characteristics of Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF) slag and performances of BOF slag asphalt mixture. BOF slags modified by different methods were prepared. Surface textures, elements distributions, pore characteristics and volume stability of various BOF slags were first studied. Then the performances of asphalt mixtures containing various BOF slags including volume stability, thermal property and moisture resistance were well evaluated. Results showed that the combined modification of hydration and silicone resin can lower the asphalt absorption of BOF slag, and improve the asphalt mixture's volume stability and thermal efficiency, which meant the applicability and economy of BOF slag asphalt mixture got enhanced when proper combined modification was applied on BOF slag.