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“Equivalent” permeability and flow in compliant porous media Part A Applied science and manufacturing

Simacek, P., Advani, S.G.
Composites 2016 v.80 pp. 107-110
composite materials, deformation, liquids, models, permeability, porous media
Resin flow modeling for liquid composite molding processes is generally based on assumptions of rigid porous media. This is invalid for process variations utilizing compliant mold. Yet the models built on rigid porous media assumption are used with some success in analyzing such infusions.Previous work showed that for certain porous media the one dimensional flow patterns are similar to those in rigid porous media and the deformation effects can be included in a scaling factor for permeability.This note analyzes the one-dimensional linear and radial flows in porous media with generic constitutive relations between resin pressure, thickness and permeability. It shows that as long as the deformation remains moderate, the effect of deforming porous medium may be incorporated in a single scaling factor for material permeability. This scaling factor depends on material and applied injection pressure, but does not change with time, flow-front position or type of infusion (linear or radial).