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Stiffness control in adaptive thin-walled laminate composite beams Part A Applied science and manufacturing

Rivas, E., Barbero, E.
Composites 2016 v.80 pp. 118-126
composite materials, models, temperature
The aim of this paper is to verify the control of the stiffness that is feasible to achieve in a thin-walled box-beam made from a laminate by including an adaptive material with variable stiffness. In this work, a material having a strongly varying Young Modulus under minor temperature changes was included in the cross-section. An analytical model was used to estimate the position of shear centre and the axial, bending, torsional, and shear stiffnesses of the cross-section. Two cross-sections were analysed, one with an adaptive wall and another with two adaptive walls. In both sections, the torsional stiffness could be strongly altered with minor temperature variations. In the section with one adaptive wall, the shear centre and thus the bending–twist coupling was also strongly modified. A study was made of the influence on the control of stiffnesses exerted by the overall cross-section thickness and the thickness of the adaptive walls.