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Association polymorphic variants of GRIN2B gene with paranoid schizophrenia and response to typical neuroleptics in Russians and Tatars from Bashkortostan Republic

Gareeva, A. E., Zakirov, D. F., Khusnutdinova, E. K.
Russian journal of genetics 2013 v.49 no.9 pp. 962-968
haloperidol, alleles, risk factors, genotype, genetic variation, nationalities and ethnic groups, adverse effects, genetic markers
An analysis of the association of paranoid schizophrenia seeking with polymorphic variants of GRIN2B was performed in order to identify genetic risk factors of disease development and genetic markers of the response to therapy by neuroleptics in Russian and Tatar patients from Bashkortostan Republic (BR). In the course of the analysis, we revealed the following: (1) genetic markers of increased risk of developing paranoid schizophrenia in various ethnic groups, including, in Tatars, the GRIN2B*T/*T genotype (p = 0.003; OR = 2.33) and GRIN2B*T allele (p = 0.001; OR = 2.36), rs1805247; in Russians, the GRIN2B*T/*T genotype (p = 0.038; OR = 2.12) and GRIN2B*T allele (p = 0.028; OR = 2.03), rs1805247, genotype GRIN2B*A/*A (p = 0.042; OR = 2.12), rs1805476; (2) genetic markers of the reduced risk of developing paranoid schizophrenia; (3) genetic markers of therapy response and the risk of side effects development during neuroleptics (haloperidol) treatment in Bashkortostan. The significant interethnic diversity of genetic factors related to the risk of this disease development was noted.