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The effect of periphyton on the light environment and production of Potamogeton perfoliatus L. in the mesotrophic basin of Lake Balaton

Tóth, Viktor R.
Aquatic sciences 2013 v.75 no.4 pp. 523-534
Algae, Potamogeton perfoliatus, biomass, epiphytes, lakes, leaves, light, littoral zone, periphyton, photosynthesis, seasonal variation, spring, surface water, watersheds
Light within the littoral zone affects the productivity and interaction between periphyton and its macrophyte substrate. The effect of periphyton on macrophyte photosynthesis, seasonal variation and vertical distribution of periphyton on artificial substrates (plastic strips), and the effect of periphyton on the light environment was studied in Lake Balaton. Data showed that an average of 4.1 ± 0.4 mg (dry weight) cm-2 of periphyton had accumulated on the plastic strips after 8.8 ± 0.4 days. This biomass corresponded to 294 ± 30 μg m-2 chl-a of epiphytic algae and blocked 92.3 ± 0.8 % of the depth specific radiation. Seasonal variation and specific vertical distribution of periphyton were observed. The most active time of periphyton accumulation corresponded to spring up until mid-June. Later in the year, the amount of periphyton significantly decreased. The optimal conditions for periphyton accumulation were at 30-40 cm depth. Most of the light reaching the adaxial leaf surface was attenuated by periphyton, decreasing the production of Potamogeton perfoliatus by 60-80 %. This increased the importance of backscattered light that corresponded to 10-15 % of the macrophyte production. A smaller part of the periphyton consisted of precipitated inorganic material, while epiphytic algae, making up the majority of the periphyton, were connected to both benthic (dominantly benthic penales) and pelagic (very close seasonal dynamics of pelagic and epiphytic biomass) algae. Periphyton affects macrophyte production especially in spring and in the upper water layers even in a mesotrophic water body. This increases the importance of the light absorbed through the abaxial side of the leaf and confirm the role of periphyton in transition from clear to turbid water states. © 2013 Springer Basel.