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Production of gasoline and diesel like fuels from waste tire oil by using catalytic pyrolysis

Ayanoğlu, Abdulkadir, Yumrutaş, Recep
Energy 2016 v.103 pp. 456-468
additives, diesel fuel, distillation, gasoline, oils, pyrolysis, temperature, tires, wastes, zeolites
This study has dealt with the pyrolysis of waste tire by using catalytic distillation method to obtain engine fuels. WTO (Waste tire oil) product that had the 40% ratio was produced with 42% char, and the remaining 18% was released to atmosphere as gaseous by product. The WTO was mixed with two additives, namely naturel zeolite and lime, at different mass ratio. Each fuel sample was exposed to pyrolytic distillation to obtain light and heavy fuel products. Characteristics of the as-produced fuels were determined and their distillation tests were investigated. As a result of these tests, the lime mixture fuel sample at 10 wt% ratio of has shown the best results, has acquired the optimum distillation temperatures and was close to diesel fuel. This mixture was categorized as light and heavy fuels according to its distillation test results. Characteristics of those light and heavy fuels were resembled to those of gasoline and diesel fuel, which were named as GLF (gasoline-like fuel) and DLF (diesel-like fuel), respectively. Fractions of the as-produced fuels were 18 wt% of the WTO for the light fuel, and 70 wt% for heavy fuel. The other product was 12 wt% of the residues.