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A dynamic economic emission dispatch considering wind power uncertainty incorporating energy storage system and demand side management

Alham, M.H., Elshahed, M., Ibrahim, Doaa Khalil, Abo El Zahab, Essam El Din
Renewable energy 2016 v.96 pp. 800-811
carbon, computer software, emissions, energy, models, uncertainty, wind power, wind speed
Reducing carbon emissions is an important goal for the whole world; a high penetration of wind energy can help in reducing emissions. However, great increase in wind energy usage raises some issues concerning its variability and stochastic nature. These issues increase the importance of studying methods of wind energy representation, and in the same time studying the effect of using some flexible resources in decreasing those issues. This paper proposes a dynamic economic emission dispatch (DEED) model incorporating high wind penetration considering its intermittency and uncertainty. Energy storage system (ESS) and demand side management (DSM) are implemented in order to study their effect on the cost, emission, and wind energy utilization. The GAMS software has been utilized to solve this DEED problem. The achieved results show the importance of using ESS and DSM in decreasing both cost and emission, and increasing the wind energy utilization.