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Controlled temperatures and edible coating treatments on fresh strawberry (Fragaria sp. 'Holibrite') in a tropical environment

Affan, F. F. M., Yuliastuti, P., Aldila, L. E., Jumeri, M.
Acta horticulturae 2018 no.1201 pp. 7-14
Aloe vera, Fragaria, ambient temperature, ascorbic acid, beeswax, coatings, color, edible films, fruits, maturity stage, nutritive value, postharvest treatment, shelf life, storage temperature, strawberries, texture, titratable acidity, total soluble solids, tropics, water content, weight loss
The strawberry (Fragaria sp. 'Holibrite') fruit production is increasing in areas with tropical environment conditions because of the rising demand of the consumer. However, the quality of the strawberry can deteriorate due to the tropical conditions. Postharvest treatments such as maintaining the temperature conditions and an edible coating are needed quickly to improve their quality during storage. Lower temperature treatments are applied in combination with an edible coating of Aloe vera and beeswax. The full maturity stage of strawberry fruits was used and the quality of fresh strawberries was assayed based on the color of the skin, weight loss percentage, skin texture, water content, titratable acidity, vitamin C and soluble solid content. The controlled storage temperature was set at 4°C with RH 86-94% and 10°C with RH 62-68%, and the non-controlled or ambient temperature varied between 27±3°C with RH 45-55%. All quality parameters of strawberry fruit that were coated at controlled temperature were compared with the ones without coating at ambient temperature. The edible coating can preserve the quality conditions and increase the shelf life of strawberries although without a controlled temperature in tropical conditions. The Aloe vera coating was better at maintaining the quality in the physical parameter of the strawberry. While Strawberries coated with beeswax were more stable in preserving the quality of their color. Beeswax and Aloe vera coatings were similar condition to maintain nutritional quality parameters. The controlled storage temperature affected the change of the quality of strawberries more than edible coating types in tropical environmental conditions.