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Microevolution and independent incursions as main forces shaping H5 Hemagglutinin diversity during a H5N8/H5N5 highly pathogenic avian influenza outbreak in Czech Republic in 2017

Nagy, Alexander, Dán, Ádám, Černíková, Lenka, Vitásková, Eliška, Křivda, Vlastimil, Horníčková, Jitka, Masopust, Roman, Sedlák, Kamil
Archives of virology 2018 v.163 no.8 pp. 2219-2224
avian influenza, ecoregions, hemagglutinins, viruses, Czech Republic
Here, we present a comprehensive analysis of the H5N8/H5N5 highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) virus strains detected in the Czech Republic during an outbreak in 2017. Network analysis of the H5 Hemagglutinin (HA) from 99% of the outbreak localities suggested that the diversity of the Czech H5N8/H5N5 viruses was influenced by two basic forces: local microevolution and independent incursions. The geographical occurrence of the central node H5 HA sequences revealed three eco-regions, which apparently played an important role in the origin and further spread of the local H5N8/HPAI variants across the country. A plausible explanation for the observed pattern of diversity is also provided.