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Comparison Among Resilience and Entropy Index in the Optimal Rehabilitation of Water Distribution Networks Under Limited-Budgets

Cimorelli, L., Morlando, F., Cozzolino, L., D’Aniello, A., Pianese, D.
Water resources management 2018 v.32 no.12 pp. 3997-4011
business enterprises, entropy, pipes, water distribution
The replacement of existing pipes is a strategy for the rehabilitation of water distribution networks that is frequently adopted by water companies. Usually, the optimal choice of the pipes diameter is a difficult optimization task, because limited budgets are available. In order to support the selection of a rehabilitation strategy, surrogate reliability measures are often used as an indirect measure of the water distribution system hydraulic performance. Among others, the resilience and entropy indices have attracted considerable interest because they both represent a measure of the network robustness. In the present work, a comparison between these indices is provided in the framework of the optimal rehabilitation of an existing network under limited budget constraint. The resilience and entropy indices are applied to the case of a realistic water distribution network in an extended period simulation framework. Several values of the maximum budget allocable for rehabilitation are considered, and hydraulic calculations are undertaken by means of a pressure driven approach within a modified EPANET 2 environment. The effectiveness of the two surrogate reliability measures is demonstrated by an a-posteriori reliability assessment.