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Observations of graft compatibility between Citrus spp and related Aurantioideae taxa

Toni J. Siebert, Tracy L. Kahn, Robert R. Krueger
Acta horticulturae 2015 no.1065 pp. 173-179
Citrus, Poncirus, USDA, germplasm, graft compatibility, rootstocks, sanitation, trees, California
Although Citrus has long been known to be graft compatible with the genus Poncirus, compatibility between other Citrus and other genera of the Aurantioideae is less well characterized. Graft compatibility between Aurantioideae genera has historically been associated with the use of the related taxa as rootstocks for Citrus spp. However, the use of Citrus spp. as rootstocks for related taxa can be useful in maintaining germplasm accessions, in propagating specimen trees or specific commercial taxa, and biological indexing in a sanitation program. One of the largest collections of taxa related to Citrus is maintained by the University of California and the United States Department of Agriculture in Riverside, California. This paper reviews historical observations made in Riverside of graft compatibility between Aurantioideae genera and updates them with current observations. Specific combinations have been observed to be incompatible whereas others have shown either short- or long-term compatibility and survival.