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Self-Assembling Hydrophilic Magnetic Covalent Organic Framework Nanospheres as a Novel Matrix for Phthalate Ester Recognition

Yan, Yinghua, Lu, Yujie, Wang, Baichun, Gao, Yiqian, Zhao, Lingling, Liang, Hongze, Wu, Dapeng
ACS applied materials & interfaces 2018 v.10 no.31 pp. 26539-26545
detection limit, humans, hydrophilicity, iron oxides, magnetism, nanospheres, phthalates, statistical analysis, surface area
The development of covalent organic framework (COF)-derived materials with additional functions and applications is highly desired. In this work, a unique COF-functionalized hydrophilic magnetic nanosphere (Fe₃O₄@PDA@TbBd) with Fe₃O₄ as a magnetic core, polydopamine (PDA) as a hydrophilic middle layer, and TbBd as an outer COF shell was facilely prepared as a novel hydrophilic platform for efficient detection of phthalic acid esters (PAEs). The resultant Fe₃O₄@PDA@TbBd nanosphere displayed strong magnetic response, high surface area, and good hydrophilicity. Accordingly, the newly synthesized COF exhibited great potential in phthalate analysis with a wide linearity (50–8000 ng/mL), good recovery (92.3–98.9%), a low limit of detection (0.0025–0.01 ng/mL), and a small relative standard deviation (for intraday less than 4.6% and for interday less than 6.8%). More excitingly, the new COF was applied to analyze nine PAEs in the human plasma sample. This work opens up new avenues for the development and application of functionalized COF-derived materials.