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Hits and misses in research trends to monitor contaminants in foods

Lehotay, Steven J., Chen, Yibai
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 2018 v.410 no.22 pp. 5331-5351
acrylamides, allergens, chemical pollutants, endocrine-disrupting chemicals, environmental protection, food additives, food industry, food safety, foods, furans, genetically modified organisms, growth promotion, melamine, metals, monitoring, nitrosamines, packaging, pesticides, pollution, risk assessment, scientists, toxicity, toxins, trade, veterinary drugs
Monitoring of chemicals of toxicological concern in food is commonly needed for many purposes, which include (in part) food safety, regulatory enforcement, risk assessment, international food trade, label claims, environmental protection, industry needs, academic research, and consumer confidence. Chemicals of current concern include a variety of toxins, pesticides, veterinary drugs, growth promoters, environmental contaminants, toxic metals, allergens, endocrine disruptors, genetically modified organisms, melamine, acrylamide, furans, nitrosamines, food additives, packaging components, and miscellaneous other chemicals. In light of past crises, the potential harm from known or unknown chemicals not currently monitored are a source of additional concern by the food industry, regulators, scientists, and consumers. As global food trade has expanded and detection techniques have improved, chemical contaminant analysis of foods has also increased in importance and activity. This critical review article is aimed to highlight current trends in the literature, including neglected research needs, on the analysis of chemicals of toxicological concern in foods. Graphical abstract