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Kommentierte Übersetzung von “Die Wasserversorgung einiger Nordseebäder” von Alexander Herzberg (1901) Traduction annotée de “Die Wasserversorgung einiger Nordseebäder [L’approvisionnement en eau de certains thermes de la mer du Nord]” par Alexander Herzberg (1901) Traducción comentada de “Die Wasserversorgung einiger Nordseebäder [El suministro de agua de algunos balnearios del Mar del Norte]” por Alexander Herzberg (1901) 对Alexander Herzberg (1901)所著的“Die Wasserversorgung einiger Nordseebäder [北海一些温泉浴场的供水]” 翻译及注解 Tradução comentada de “Die Wasserversorgung einiger Nordseebäder [O fornecimento de água de alguns spas do Mar do Norte]” de Alexander Herzberg (1901)

Houben, Georg
Hydrogeology journal 2018 v.26 no.6 pp. 1789-1799
groundwater, hydrogeology, water supply, North Sea
The publication “The water supply of some North Sea spas” by Alexander Herzberg in 1901 is a cornerstone of coastal groundwater research. It was fundamental to the development of the Ghijben-Herzberg principle, which describes the hydrostatic equilibrium between fresh and saline groundwater. Due to its age and the language barrier, the paper is often cited but probably rarely read. Therefore, the original paper has been translated from German into English, accompanied by an introduction and notes explaining the historical context.