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Preliminary evaluation of neoblast-like stem cell factor and transcript expression profiles in Schistosoma japonicum

Giri, Bikash Ranjan, Li, Huimin, Chen, Yongjun, Cheng, Guofeng
Acta tropica 2018
Schistosoma japonicum, Schistosoma mansoni, animal ovaries, bioinformatics, cell proliferation, cyclins, females, males, parasites, polymerase chain reaction, proliferating cell nuclear antigen, sexual maturity, stem cell factor, stem cells, testes, transcription factors
Neoblast-like stem cell factors and transcripts are essential for cell proliferation, self-renewal, and differentiation. Recent studies have demonstrated that nanos, sox, and vasa-like transcription factors are associated with neoblast-like stem cells in Schistosoma mansoni and play crucial roles in the regulation of worm development. However, these neoblast-like stem cell factors and transcripts and their expression profiles remain unknown in Schistosoma japonicum. In this study, we identified orthologs of 11 neoblast-like stem cell factors and transcripts in S. japonicum using bioinformatics and confirmed them by PCR. The expression profiles of neoblast-like stem cell factors and transcripts revealed that some of them were highly expressed in certain stages. Sex-based expression analysis revealed that nanos, polo-like kinase, PCNA, cyclin B, and H2A showed significantly higher expression in female worms, whereas ago and bruli showed higher expression in male worms. In addition, we noted that ago, bruli, and pp32 exhibited higher expression in the testes, while nanos, polo-like kinase, cyclin B, H2A, and H2B showed notable higher expression in both isolated ovaries and testes. Our preliminary results are expected to provide important information about the regulatory roles of these stem cell factors in parasite development and sexual maturation.