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Facile synthesis of hierarchical mesoporous weirds-like morphological MnO2 thin films on carbon cloth for high performance supercapacitor application

Shinde, Pragati A., Lokhande, Vaibhav C., Ji, Taeksoo, Lokhande, Chandrakant D.
Journal of colloid and interface science 2017 v.498 pp. 202-209
capacitance, carbon, electrochemistry, electrodes, electrolytes, energy, hot water treatment, manganese dioxide, porous media, reaction kinetics, specific energy, surface area, temperature
The mesoporous nanostructured metal oxides have a lot of capabilities to upsurge the energy storing capacity of the supercapacitor. In present work, different nanostructured morphologies of MnO2 have been successfully fabricated on flexible carbon cloth by simple but capable hydrothermal method at different deposition temperatures. The deposition temperature has strong influence on reaction kinetics, which subsequently alters the morphology and electrochemical performance. Among different nanostructured MnO2 thin films, the mesoporous weirds composed thin film obtained at temperature of 453K exhibits excellent physical and electrochemical features for supercapacitor application. The weirds composed MnO2 thin film exhibits specific surface area of 109m²g⁻¹, high specific capacitance of 595Fg⁻¹ with areal capacitance of 4.16Fcm⁻² at a scan rate of 5mVs⁻¹ and high specific energy of 56.32Whkg⁻¹. In addition to this, MnO2 weirds attain capacity retention of 87 % over 2000 CV cycles, representing better cycling stability. The enhanced electrochemical performance could be ascribed to direct growth of highly porous MnO2 weirds on carbon cloth which provide more pathways for easy diffusion of electrolyte into the interior of electroactive material. The as-fabricated electrode with improved performance could be ascribed as a potential electrode material for energy storage devices.