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Preparation of large-scale and angle-independent structural colors by additive of black polypyrrole

Cui, Yun, Wang, Fen, Zhu, Jianfeng, Wu, Wenling, Qin, Yi, Zhang, Xin
Journal of colloid and interface science 2018 v.531 pp. 609-617
ceramics, color, industry, photons, pigments, pyrroles, silica, solar radiation, texture
Vividly structurally colored pigments with a non-iridescent character produced by APSs (amorphous photonic structures) have attracted great attention recently. However, these artificial APSs usually have a low color visibility. Here, a new strategy based on a drop-coating method for creating large area 3D APSs by using polypyrrole (PPy) as an additive is proposed. The bright and non-iridescent structural colors were obtained by self-assembling the mixture of monodisperse SiO2 spheres and PPy particles. The color hues of the APSs are strongly related to the diameter of the SiO2 spheres while their spectral purity can be controlled by the proportion of the SiO2 spheres to the PPy particles. Surprisingly, these structurally colored films applied on ceramic substrate have the presence of a metallic texture under direct sunlight. To the best of our knowledge, such bright and non-iridescent structural colors obtained by simple but effective coating method may facilitate the development of special functional industries for various applications.