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An improved gene expression programming model for streamflow forecasting in intermittent streams

Danandeh Mehr, Ali
Journal of hydrology 2018 v.563 pp. 669-678
algorithms, autocorrelation, ephemeral streams, gene expression, models, regression analysis, rivers, stream flow, trees, Iran
Skilful forecasting of monthly streamflow in intermittent rivers is a challenging task in stochastic hydrology. In this study, genetic algorithm (GA) was combined with gene expression programming (GEP) as a new hybrid model for month ahead streamflow forecasting in an intermittent stream. The hybrid model was named GEP-GA in which sub-expression trees of the best evolved GEP model were rescaled by appropriate weighting coefficients through the use of GA optimizer. Auto-correlation and partial auto-correlation functions of the streamflow records as well as evolutionary search of GEP were used to identify the optimum predictors (i.e., number of lags) for the model. The proposed methodology was demonstrated using monthly streamflow data from the Shavir Creek in Iran. Performance of the GEP-GA was compared to that of classic genetic programming (GP), GEP, multiple linear regression and GEP-linear regression models developed in the present study as the benchmarks. The results showed that the GEP-GA outperforms all the benchmarks and motivated to be used in practice.