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Assessing the ecological quality status of transplanted mangrove wetland in the Oujiang estuary, China

Hu, Chengye, Shui, Bonian, Li, Wentao, Yang, Xiaolong, Zhang, Xiumei
Marine pollution bulletin 2018 v.133 pp. 1-8
Spartina alterniflora, aquatic ecosystems, copper, estuaries, heavy metals, mangroves, mercury, risk, sediments, water pollution, wetlands, China
Although numerous studies have performed ecological quality status (EcoQS) assessments in aquatic ecosystems, knowledge regarding the assessment of the EcoQS of mangrove transplant wetlands is still lacking. Therefore, we investigated the influence of mangrove transplants on the EcoQS by comparing the sediment quality status and benthic quality status in mangroves with those of reference sites (Spartina alterniflora stand and mudflat). The findings confirm that the benthic quality status of mangroves was superior to those of the reference sites. Subsequently, we tested the performances of various indices (AMBI, BENTIX, H′, EX, Δ+, and Ʌ+). BENTIX, H′, EX and Ʌ+ seemed be more suitable than AMBI and Δ+ for assessing the benthic quality status. The results also confirm that mangrove transplants may not facilitate or restrain the accumulation of heavy metals (except Cu and Hg) in sediments. Moreover, mangrove transplants posed a low ecological risk.