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Influence of mixing time on the purity and physical properties of SrFe0.5Ti0.5O3-δ powders produced by solution combustion

Baharuddin, Nurul Akidah, Muchtar, Andanastuti, Somalu, Mahendra Rao, Seyednezhad, Mohadeseh
Powder technology 2017 v.313 pp. 382-388
X-ray diffraction, combustion, crystallites, electrical conductivity, energy-dispersive X-ray analysis, fuel cells, light scattering, mixing, particle size, powders, scanning electron microscopy, temperature, thermogravimetry
This study explored the effects of mixing time on the purity and physical properties of synthesized perovskite (SrFe0.5Ti0.5O3-δ) powders. SrFe0.5Ti0.5O3-δ powders were prepared with solution combustion, in which various precursor solutions were utilized with different mixing times. The precursor powders were calcined at a certain temperature that was determined via thermogravimetric and Fourier-transform infrared analyses. Each batch of calcined powders underwent X-ray diffraction to analyze the purity and phase formation of the yield. By increasing the mixing time to 45h, pure cubic-structured SrFe0.5Ti0.5O3-δ powders were formed and the crystallite size decreased. The average crystallite size decreased from 30.46 to 28.96nm with the increase of mixing time (from 5 to 45h). The powders produced after 45h of mixing exhibited pure phase. These powders were further analyzed using field emission scanning electron microscopy (FESEM), dynamic light scattering (DLS), and energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDX). The average particle sizes of 1.5849 and 1.6219μm were measured with the statistical distribution of micrographs, which were obtained from FESEM, and DLS analysis, respectively. Results obtained from EDX confirmed that the elements were homogenously distributed after 45h of mixing. To examine the suitability of pure SrFe0.5Ti0.5O3-δ powders as fuel cell cathode material, electrical conductivity was measured, obtaining a value of 6.32Scm⁻¹. This value is higher than the electrical conductivity of the same composition of powders synthesized using solid-state method.