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Effect of bottom ash at different ratios on hydraulic transportation of fly ash during mine fill

Rani, Radha, Jain, Manish Kumar
Powder technology 2017 v.315 pp. 309-317
bottom ash, energy, fly ash, liquids, powders, power plants, shear stress, viscosity
This study examines the suitability of Durgapur Steel Thermal Power Station fly ash and bottom ash for mine fill material based on their physiochemical and rheological properties. The physiochemical properties of both fly ash and bottom ash are suitable for mine fill. Hydraulic transportation of fly ash for mine fill is a challenge for engineers due to its poor flow properties at higher solid concentration. Rheological properties of fly ash are shown that beyond 40% solid concentration hydraulic transportation may not be effective. Therefore an attempt has been made in this study by adding bottom ash to fly ash at various solid to liquid ratios to improve flow behaviour. Viscosity and rheological properties are studied for this purpose. The results show that the mixture of fly ash and bottom ash at 7:3, 6:4 and 5:5 at 50% solid concentration provides the best result by reducing the shear stress and viscosity. These combinations not only improve the rheological properties in terms of energy consumption, but also decrease the use of water for hydraulic transportation. Therefore, the present study shows that the addition of bottom ash can improve rheological properties of fly ash at higher solid concentration.