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Potassium Dynamics in Inceptisols as Influenced by Graded Levels of Potash for Banana: I. Potassium Fractions

Bhalerao, V. P., Deshpande, A. N., Bansal, S. K.
Communications in soil science and plant analysis 2018 v.49 no.15 pp. 1886-1895
Haplustepts, bananas, field experimentation, juveniles, potassium, potassium fertilizers, soil nutrients
Knowledge of forms of potassium (K) in soil is of great importance for formulating sound fertilizer recommendation to banana. Field experiments were conducted to study the effect of graded levels of potash application on forms of potassium at juvenile, grand growth, shooting, and harvest stages of banana on Vertic Haplustept soil. The negative balance of soil-available K was observed in the treatments of 0, 100, and 200 g K₂O plant⁻¹. However, at 300-g K₂O plant⁻¹ level, the balance was a mere –11 kg ha⁻¹, and positive balance was observed in the treatments of 400 and 500 g K₂O plant⁻¹. Significant positive correlation among different forms of K indicated the interdependency and dynamic equilibrium between K forms. Application of K₂O above the level of 300 g plant⁻¹ for banana resulted in the build-up of potassium fractions in soil.