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Isolation and characterization of an arabidopsis drought-resistant mutant vrm1

Jiang, L., Chen, Z. P., Zhang, J. J., Yang, J.
Russian journal of plant physiology 2013 v.60 no.6 pp. 830-838
Arabidopsis thaliana, drought, drought tolerance, genes, mutants, root growth, stomatal conductance, stress tolerance, water stress
Drought is the major abiotic stress restricting plant growth. To gain insight into the regulatory mechanisms for drought stress tolerance, we performed a genetic screen for identifying Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana) drought-resistant mutants. A drought-resistant mutant vrm1 was isolated because of its increased root growth and fresh weight under drought stress. Compared with the wild type (WT), the vrm1 mutant was more resistant to drought stress. The vrm1 plants showed the higher levels of free proline and soluble sugars and the lower relative stomatal conductance as well as the lower water loss rate than the WT under drought stress. Moreover, the higher transcription levels of drought stress-responsive genes NCED3, RD22, RD29A, and COR15A were detected in vrm1 plants subjected to drought and mannitol stresses as compared with WT plants. These results suggest that increased drought resistance of the vrm1 mutant was associated with, at least in part, the higher expression of these drought stress-responsive genes.