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Emergence of a genotype I variant of avian infectious bronchitis virus from Northern part of India

Jakhesara, Subhash J., Nath, Barnali, Pal, J.K., Joshi, Chaitanya G., Kumar, Sachin
Acta tropica 2018 v.183 pp. 57-60
Infectious bronchitis virus, broiler chickens, epidemiology, flocks, genes, genotype, high-throughput nucleotide sequencing, live vaccines, nucleotide sequences, phylogeny, viruses, India
Infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) is one of the foremost causes of a persistent economic burden to poultry industries worldwide. IBV belongs to the genus Gammacoronavirus within the family Coronaviridae. The IBV infection leads to respiratory and nephrogenic symptoms in broiler chickens. In addition, its infection leads to reduced fertility and hatchability in layer birds. We determined the first complete genome sequence of a variant IBV from an outbreak in Haryana state of the Northern part of India using next generation sequencing. On phylogenetic analysis of the IBV isolate, it clustered with genotype I lineage 1 (GI-1). The deduced amino acid sequence of S gene of IBV isolates showed a high level of identity with strains isolated from Tamil Nadu and the reference vaccine strains. Our result suggests that the IBV virus isolated from unvaccinated chicken flocks in North India might be a revertant strain originally evolved from the live attenuated vaccine strains used in the region. Determination of the complete genome sequence of additional IBV isolates from India is necessary to understand the epidemiology of IBV in India.