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Chemical characterization and protective effect of the Bactris setosa Mart. fruit against oxidative/nitrosative stress

Boeing, Joana Schuelter, Ribeiro, Daniela, Chisté, Renan Campos, Visentainer, Jesuí Vergílio, Costa, Vera Marisa, Freitas, Marisa, Fernandes, Eduarda
Food chemistry 2017 v.220 pp. 427-437
Bactris, anthocyanins, anti-inflammatory activity, antioxidants, apple pulp, bioactive compounds, carotenoids, cyanidin, fruits, human cell lines, neutrophils, nitrogen, oxygen, phenolic compounds, protective effect, trees
Bactris setosa Mart. is a Brazilian tree from the palm family (Arecaceae), whose fruits are scientifically underexploited. Here, we report, for the first time, the identification and quantification of phenolic compounds and carotenoids in the pulp, seed, and peel extracts of B. setosa fruits and their in vitro biological activity. The anthocyanins cyanidin deoxyhexose hexoside and cyanidin hexoside and other phenolic compounds were detected mainly in the peel but also in the pulp extracts. All-trans-lutein was the unique carotenoid identified and quantified, and only in the peel extract. All extracts were able to scavenge reactive oxygen and nitrogen species (ROS and RNS, respectively), to modulate human neutrophils’ oxidative burst and to protect Caco-2 cells against oxidative damage, the peel extract being the most efficient. This study indicates that extracts from B. setosa fruits, especially the peel extract, are a source of bioactive compounds with promising antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.