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Sensory evaluation of boar meat products by trained experts

Wauters, Jella, Verplanken, Kaat, Vercruysse, Vicky, Ampe, Bart, Aluwé, Marijke, Vanhaecke, Lynn
Food chemistry 2017 v.237 pp. 516-524
bacon, boar taint, boars, castration, cured meats, experts, ham, minced meat, rearing, sensory evaluation, temperature
Rearing entire male pigs, one of the alternatives for surgical castration, entails the possible occurrence of boar taint. This study aimed at the investigation of the acceptability of meat from entire male pigs in 8 different meat products (cutlets, bacon, blade loin, tenderloin, dry fermented sausage, cooked ham, dry-cured ham and minced meat) by trained assessors. Generally, the sensory evaluation of meat samples was affected the most in the androstenone (AEON) group, indicating that AEON is the most offensive boar taint compound for sensitive assessors. Differences between the meat products showed the highest potential for processing tainted meat in cold meat products, which was most likely due to the serving temperature on the one hand and production-related influences on the other. However, more insights regarding reducing and masking effects of production-related factors on boar taint are necessary.