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Patulin removal from apple juice using a novel cysteine-functionalized metal-organic framework adsorbent

Liu, Manshun, Wang, Jing, Yang, Qingfeng, Hu, Na, Zhang, Wentao, Zhu, Wenxin, Wang, Rong, Suo, Yourui, Wang, Jianlong
Food chemistry 2019 v.270 pp. 1-9
adsorbents, adsorption, apple juice, apples, biosorbents, cell lines, coordination polymers, cytotoxicity, endothermy, food safety, models, patulin, sorption isotherms, thermodynamics
Patulin (PAT) is one of the most common toxic contaminants of apple juice, which causes severe food safety issues throughout the apple industry. In order to remove PAT efficiently, a metal-organic framework-based adsorbent (UiO-66(NH2)@Au-Cys) was successfully synthesized and used for PAT removal from juice-pH simulation solution and real apple juice. Batch adsorption experiments were systematically performed to study the adsorption behavior for PAT. The results showed that adsorption process could be well described by the Pseudo-second order model and Freundlich isotherm model. The maximum adsorption capacity (4.38 µg/mg) was 10 times higher than the microbe-based biosorbents. Thermodynamic investigation demonstrated that adsorption process was spontaneous and endothermic. Furthermore, no marked cytotoxicity on NIH 3T3 cell lines was observed when the concentration of the adsorbent was lower than 10 μg/mL. Therefore, UiO-66(NH2)@Au-Cys is a potential adsorbent for PAT removal from apple juice with little quality changes.