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Determination of fat content in UHT milk by electroanalytical method

Wu, Shilin, Jin, Yamei, Yang, Na, Xu, Xueming, Xie, Zhengjun
Food chemistry 2019 v.270 pp. 538-545
UHT milk, electric power, lipid content, magnetism, milk, milk fat
An electroanalytical method was proposed to determine fat content in ultrahigh-temperature (UHT) processed milk by magnetoelectric induction. In the technique, involves the induction of a controllable voltage (potential difference, Ubc) in UHT milk, with differential magnetic fluxes as the stimulus. Results indicated that Ubc increased with an increase in the ratio difference between primary coil 1 and primary coil 2. Variation of fat content in the UHT milk induced a change in Ubc. A reduction in fat content led to an increase in λ-value (ratio of Uab to excitation voltage) under specific conditions. For calibration and verification, a high linear correlation coefficient (R2 = 0.9428) and a low root–mean–square error of cross-validation (0.342 g/100 g) were observed between milk fat and λ-value at 20 V and 700 Hz under an open circuit at a coil ratio of 14:56. Measurement sensitivity was improved with the increase of the sample coils.