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ABA-dependent salt and drought stress improve strawberry fruit quality

Perin, Ellen Cristina, da Silva Messias, Rafael, Borowski, Joyce Moura, Crizel, Rosane Lopes, Schott, Igor Bulsing, Carvalho, Ivan Ricardo, Rombaldi, Cesar Valmor, Galli, Vanessa
Food chemistry 2019 v.271 pp. 516-526
Fragaria ananassa, abscisic acid, acids, anthocyanins, antioxidant activity, ascorbic acid, drought, fruit quality, fruit yield, fruits, gene expression regulation, genes, osmotic stress, phenolic compounds, strawberries, water stress
Strawberry crop is very sensitive to osmotic stress conditions. We investigated the effect of the stress induced by mild drought (DS) and salt (SS) stresses, on molecular, physiological, and metabolic processes in the strawberry crop (Fragaria ananassa), cv. Camarosa. The results showed that the fruit yield was not affected. Mild DS and SS also resulted in an increased content of phenolics, anthocyanins, and l-ascorbic acid, and an increased antioxidant activity. These effects were accompanied by increased levels of ABA and its derivatives (phaseic and dehydrophasic acids), alongside the upregulation of several genes involved on their synthesis. Therefore, the results obtained in this study suggest that mild DS and SS improve the functional quality of strawberry fruits through and ABA-dependent mechanism.