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Understanding the implications of current health trends on the aroma of wet and dry cured meat products

Flores, Mónica
Meat science 2018 v.144 pp. 53-61
amino acids, carbohydrates, cured meats, fermentation, fermented meat, lipid peroxidation, lipids, manufacturing, meat processing, odor compounds, odors, sausages, thiamin
Meat product aroma is affected by various meat processing factors. In this review the main biochemical reactions involved in the development of meat product aroma (wet, dry cured and fermented) are fully described. Moreover, the different techniques used for key aroma elucidation in meat products are defined. The aroma compounds present in wet, dry cured and fermented meat products (sausage and whole piece) have been summarized. The mechanisms of aroma formation during the manufacture of cooked and dry/fermented meat products are described. In wet meat products the main reactions described are lipid degradation (oxidative reactions), Maillard reactions, Strecker degradation, and thiamine degradation while in dry meat products are; lipid degradation (oxidative reactions), thiamine degradation, microbial carbohydrate fermentation and microbial metabolism including complex interactions among them such as the amino acid degradation produced by lipid oxidation products. Finally, the effect of current health trends such as salt, fat and nitrifying content reduction on the development of meat product aroma is explained.