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Evaluation of Cynodon dactylon for wound healing activity

Biswas, Tuhin Kanti, Pandit, Srikanta, Chakrabarti, Shrabana, Banerjee, Saheli, Poyra, Nandini, Seal, Tapan
Journal of ethnopharmacology 2017 v.197 pp. 128-137
Ayurvedic medicine, Cynodon dactylon, DNA, RNA, animal models, antioxidant activity, flavonoids, high performance liquid chromatography, histology, hydroxyproline, ointments, phenolic acids, placebos, rats, tensile strength, tissue repair
Research in the field of wound healing is very recent. The concept of wound healing is changing from day to day. Ayurveda is the richest source of plant drugs for management of wounds and Cynodon dactylon L. is one such. The plant is used as hemostatic and wound healing agent from ethnopharmacological point of view. Aim of the present study is scientific validation of the plant for wound healing activity in detail.Aqueous extract of the plant was prepared and phytochemical constituents were detected by HPLC analysis. Acute and dermatological toxicity study of the extract was performed. Pharmacological testing of 15% ointment (w/w) of the extract with respect to placebo control and standard comparator framycetin were done on full thickness punch wound in Wister rats and effects were evaluated based on parameters like wound contraction size (mm²), tensile strength (g); tissue DNA, RNA, protein, hydroxyproline and histological examination. The ointment was applied on selected clinical cases of chronic and complicated wounds and efficacy was evaluated on basis of scoring on granulation, epithelialization, vascularity as well as routine hematological investigations.Significant results (p<0.05) were observed both in pharmacological and clinical studies.The present research with aqueous extract of Cynodon dactylon explores its potential wound healing activity in animal model and subsequent feasibility in human subjects. Phenolic acids and flavonoids present in c. dactylon supports its wound healing property for its anti-oxidative activity that are responsible for collagenesis.