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The immature stages and life history of diaulomorpha sp. (hymenoptera: eulophidae), a parasitoid of perthida glyphopa common (lepidoptera: incurvariidae)

Mazanec, Z.
Australian journal of entomology 1990 v.29 no.2 pp. 147-159
Eulophidae, Perthida glyphopa, adults, correlation, eggs, females, hatching, instars, larvae, leafminers, molting, mortality, multivoltine habit, parasitism, parasitoids, population density, temperature
The immature stages of the multivoltine, polyphagous, solitary or gregarious Diaulomorpha sp., an external parasitoid on larvae of the jarrah leafminer Perthida glyphopa, are figured and the life history described. Adult females seek out third and fourth instar host larvae feeding in mines, but prefer those of the least abundant and less active stage preparing to moult at the end of instar 3. The host is stabbed, an egg laid in the mine, and after hatching the parasitoid larva feeds on the dead leafminer. Duration of the life cycle in the field, strongly influenced by temperature, is approximately 30 days. In 1986 the parasitoid caused mortality to 5.3% of the feeding larvae at a site of high leafminer population density and 9.9% at another where the leafminer was scarce. Parasitism was inversely correlated with host density and positively correlated with mean weekly temperature.