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Influence of coal bottom ash as fine aggregates replacement on various properties of concretes: A review

Singh, Navdeep, M., Mithulraj, Arya, Shubham
Resources, conservation, and recycling 2018 v.138 pp. 257-271
bottom ash, coal, concrete, construction industry, durability, engineering, manufacturing
In the current phase, the engineering and construction industry has successfully engaged in a challenge for consuming “sustainable, green and recycled products” in manufacturing of concrete. The utilization of Coal Bottom Ash (CBA) in concrete industry is one of the best feasible options to minimize the environmental concerns raised due to its presence. The use of CBA in manufacturing of concrete has been increased in last decade. Coal bottom ash has a potential to be used as concrete material in place of fine aggregates. The present investigation has focused on reviewing some of the fresh, mechanical and durability properties of Normally Vibrated Concrete (NVC) and Self-Compacting Concrete (SCC) made with incorporation of CBA as replacement of fine aggregates. Most of the studies have described that the use of CBA lowers the overall performance of NVC/SCC, whereas few of them have reported its successful use in attaining similar/better performance to that of the concretes made without incorporation of CBA.