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Temporal evolution of Acinetobacter baumannii ST107 clone: conversion of blaOXA-143 into blaOXA-231 coupled with mobilization of ISAba1 upstream occAB1

Rodrigues-Costa, Fernanda, Cayô, Rodrigo, Matos, Adriana Pereira, Girardello, Raquel, Martins, Willames M.B.S., Carrara-Marroni, Floristher Elaine, Gales, Ana Cristina
Research in microbiology 2019 v.170 no.1 pp. 53-59
Acinetobacter baumannii, carbapenems, mutation, transcription (genetics)
Nine carbapenem-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii isolates carrying blaOXA-231 and an ISAba1 upstream occAB1 were evaluated. They were clonally related and belonged to ST107. An OXA-143-producing A. baumannii ST107 strain (Ac-148) that did not possess ISAba1 upstream occAB1 was included in the analysis. Reduction in the expression of occAB1 and a 4-fold increase of carbapenem MICs were observed for all isolates, except for the Ac-148 strain, probably due to the presence of ISAba1 upstream occAB1 but in the same transcriptional orientation. We reported an A. baumannii ST107 clone carrying blaOXA-143 that acquired a mutation resulting into blaOXA-231 and mobilized ISAba1 upstream occAB1.