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Nonlinear Kinetics, Thermodynamics, and parametric studies of Colocynthis vulgaris Shrad seeds oil extraction

Agu, Chinedu M., Kadurumba, Chukwuma H., Agulanna, Albert C., Aneke, Ozioma O., Agu, Ijeoma E., Eneh, Joy N.
Industrial crops and products 2018 v.123 pp. 386-400
Citrullus colocynthis, endothermy, mathematical models, particle size, physicochemical properties, seed oils, solvents, temperature, thermodynamics
Nonlinear kinetics and thermodynamics of Colocynthis vulgaris Shrad Seeds oil (CVSSO) extraction were investigated using solvent extraction method. Parabolic diffusion, power law, hyperbolic, Elovich’s, and pseudo second order models were the models studied. Seed average particle size, time and temperature were the considered process variables. Highest oil yield of 53.86% (by weight) was obtained at 55 °C, 0.5 mm and 150 min, while its physicochemical properties indicated its potential industrial utilization. In ascending order, the best fitted models are parabolic, Elovich’s, pseudo second order and Hyperbolic (average R2, RMS, SEE, ARE%, SSE, HYBRID%, MPSED% and SD: 0.9962, 0.02735, 0.3599, 1.7274, 4.1623, 2.879, 2.0386 and 0.0378). However, power law model failed to give adequate fitting to the experimental data. ΔH, ΔS and ΔG values of CVSSO extraction obtained at 0.5 mm and 328 K were 333.40 KJ/mol, 1.22 KJ/mol and - 64.82 KJ/mol, respectively, indicating endothermic, irreversible and spontaneous process.