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BSA-based Cu2Se nanoparticles with multistimuli-responsive drug vehicles for synergistic chemo-photothermal therapy B Biointerfaces

Liu, Zhou, Chan, Leung, Ye, Xiaoting, Bai, Yan, Chen, Tianfeng
Colloids and surfaces 2018 v.172 pp. 298-307
absorbance, biocompatibility, bulls, colloids, doxorubicin, in vivo studies, irradiation, nanoparticles, neoplasms, pH, photochemotherapy, serum albumin, temperature
Functionalized-nanoparticles have been developed as novel therapeutic delivery platform for simultaneous drug loading and therapy over the past decade. Rationally-designed biocompatible nanosystem simultaneously with multistimuli-responsive property and synergistic therapeutic potential are highly desirable for modern biological applications. Herein, Cu2Se nanoparticles (Cu2SeNPs) with suitable size have been functionalized by bull serum albumin (BSA) through a simply, facile and controllable method. As a result, Cu2SeNPs modified by BSA (BSA-Cu2SeNPs) showed excellent biocompatibility and stability. The strong absorbance of BSA-Cu2SeNPs at near infrared region imparts them with high photothermal efficiency. Then loading doxorubicin (DOX, anticancer drug) on the surface of BSA-Cu2SeNPs, and consequently, a novel multifunctional nanosystem of BSA-Cu2SeNPs-DOX is designed. The BSA-Cu2SeNPs can achieve high DOX loading capacity (approximately 157 μg DOX per mg of Cu2Se). Furthermore, a rational and precise release of DOX from the BSA-Cu2SeNPs-DOX could be easily realized under the stimulates of the pH and temperature, which remarkably improved antitumor efficacy of combined chemotherapy and photothermal therapy triggered by 808 nm NIR laser. Thus, the BSA-Cu2SeNPs-DOX could serve as an ideal nanoplatform for cancer diagnosis and treatment in future. The results of cell experiments show that the BSA-Cu2SeNPs-DOX exhibited favorable selective cellular uptake cells. Under the NIR laser irradiation, BSA-Cu2SeNPs-DOX could induce the excessive expression of ROS, eventually leading to the death of U251 cells. Both in vitro and in vivo experiments indicate that the nanosystem of BSA-Cu2SeNPs-DOX showed excellent synergistic therapeutic effect and multistimuli-responsive drug vehicle, which will exert huge potential for future clinical application.